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Free Camping in Australia: 5 Things Everyone Must Know

Aside from air and sound pollution in cities, there’s also light pollution. Living in Sydney, Melbourne, or Canberra, means you nearly ever see the stars in the sky. Only those that are the brightest are visible, which limits you from a great spectacle every night.

New generations have no idea how fantastic the night sky is unless they go camping in the wilderness. The great outdoors provides a lot of amazing sights, and one of them is the look of the cosmos. The sky is entirely different when you look at it from the city and nature.

Going camping means you’ll get the chance to see the stars and enjoy some sights you’ve never seen before. The only issue is that camping is not allowed everywhere, and some spots are better than others.

If you’re about to go camping, you need to know a few things about doing it right. In this article, we’re talking about free camping, what you must know, where to go, what to do, and how to enjoy yourself properly. Keep up and see what you must know.

Know where to camp

You can’t camp anywhere you feel like it. When you’re driving along the Australian wilderness, you’ll come across some magnificent places, but you need to know that you can’t just park anywhere and take out your tent.

There are strict rules and regulations that vary from one state to another, and you must learn thoroughly what the rules are when travelling around the country. The best thing is to open the local guide or call the local authorities and ask where you’re allowed to camp.

Most designated spots transformed into camping sites are not free, so you need to find the places where it is. Aside from designated parking spots by the road, there are free camping sites, but you’ll need to search for them.

Pick the right tent

We’ve been talking about tents a lot on our page, and if you’ve been reading, you probably know everything about tents. When thinking about the tent, the most crucial issues are the size, assembling options and complexity, and the footprint inside.

If you’re alone, you need a tent for one person, and the best ones are automatically assembled on their own. Suppose it’s night and you’re tired from driving – you don’t want to spend an hour working on it. The tent footprint is essential; it will make the stay comfortable, so always have one in your backpack.

What do you need to bring with you?

When you’re going to a place that has free camping, you’ll need to carry everything with you. Free means only a free place to park your car and set up the tent. Everything else needs to be paid. That means carrying all your supplies, water, and other accessories should be part of your packing process.

Although you need almost nothing when you’re in nature, and it’s best to go lightweight, you still need some essentials. Make a plan before leaving home, and be sure that you do not forget anything you will need later.

Not all free camping sites have facilities with them

When we’re saying free camping, you’re stopping by the road to sleep over. You don’t really need any equipment for this; you can sleep in your toolbox canopy if you’re driving a long distance and need some rest.

That means toilets, fresh water, shops, restaurants, or anything else is unavailable. Even if something is provided in the designated spot, you’ll still need to pay extra for it. You’ll most likely not have free electricity, water supplies, or anything else when you park. It’s still free, though.

How free is free camping really?

When we say free camping, we actually mean finding a spot where no police officer will drive by your side while sleeping, waking you up with a ticket in your face. You can’t park your car and sleep just anywhere. There are certain places where this is allowed.

With thousands of campers every weekend, many people realize that this is a great opportunity to make some money. Still, campers would rather stay just anywhere without paying than let someone rent an empty parking space in nature, which is how free camping emerged.

These organized free parking venues are almost always accompanied by stores and other amenities that are not free. You get the free parking, but you’re paying for everything else, which is how these places become profitable too.


Camping is one of those activities that everyone should practice at least once in a few weeks. Spending time in nature is fantastic and frees your mind and body from the stress and anxiety cities impose on everyone. Go through the local maps and find free parking places, prepare yourself right, and enjoy your stay in nature.